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Would you like to help the UK’s creative, cultural and audiovisual sectors access funding and opportunities from Creative Europe?

25 mai 2017 Sites amis


We are currently recruiting for three roles in Manchester, Belfast and London: Culture Coordinator (Manchester), Manager, Northern Ireland (Belfast), Promotions Coordinator (London)Culture Coordinator, Creative Europe Desk UK – England. Role: Provide project application advice and administrative support to the team working to promote Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme in England. Location: British Council in Manchester. Deadline: 31 May 2017. Lire cet Article

Creative Europe Culture : Information Seminar

7 février 2017 Sites amis

Creative Europe Desk UK – England invites you to find out more about the funding opportunities for the cultural, creative and heritage sectors available through Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme. Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme supports cooperation and exchange between arts, culture and heritage organisations across different European countries. Lire cet Article

London: Network performing arts production workshop

2 mars 2015 Sites amis


The fifth European Network Performing Arts Production (NPAP) workshop will be held on 4-6 May 2015, in London, UK. This event is the eighth in the series of workshops that has been held in Europe and the United States annually since 2009. Lire cet Article

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