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Creative Europe Culture : Information Seminar

7 février 2017 Sites amis

Creative Europe Desk UK – England invites you to find out more about the funding opportunities for the cultural, creative and heritage sectors available through Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme. Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme supports cooperation and exchange between arts, culture and heritage organisations across different European countries. Lire cet Article

Theatre : world premier of new technology surtitling through augmented reality glasses!

8 avril 2016 Sites amis


‘Surtitles’ are the projection of the translation, or the script of the play, above the stage onto a screen. They allow for (in our case) total understanding of a foreign language play, or otherwise to enable the deaf and hard of hearing to understand a performance. We have a dedicated team of surtitlers who project the text in perfect synchronisation with the play. Lire cet Article

España: Asociarse para actuar

28 février 2015 Sites amis
la parrala @

la parrala @

Las obras de teatro no surgen de la nada, detrás de cada representación hay un grupo de personas que se han aprendido los diálogos y han metido, muchas, pero que muchas horas ensayando y sobre todo formándose como actores. Lire cet Article


15 octobre 2014 Sites amis
Binaural Nodor @

Binaural Nodor @

Binaural/Nodar is a Portuguese non-profit Cultural Organization founded in 2004 with the aim of promoting the exploration and research in sound and new media arts, focusing on the crossing of media and languages and on the articulation between the artistic production and the surrounding context, particularly through its activities in the rural areas of Nodar and the Gralheira Mountain Range (São Pedro do Sul municipality, centre of Portugal). Lire cet Article

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