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Creative Europe Culture : Information Seminar

7 février 2017 Sites amis

Creative Europe Desk UK – England invites you to find out more about the funding opportunities for the cultural, creative and heritage sectors available through Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme. Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme supports cooperation and exchange between arts, culture and heritage organisations across different European countries. Lire cet Article

The history of circus

10 mars 2015 Sites amis


The circus arts are undoubtedly one of the most widely shared cultural treasures on this planet. Primarily developed in the West, the sources upon which they have drawn are innumerable. Lire cet Article

International Physical Theatre Laboratory 2014

5 mars 2014 Sites amis présente présente

“ArtUniverse” in partnership with the International University ”Global Theatre Experience” (IUGTE) have announced several partial scholarships for professional dancers, choreographers, actors and circus performers. Project Title: International Physical Theatre Laboratory 2014 Lire cet Article

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