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We are currently recruiting for three roles in Manchester, Belfast and London: Culture Coordinator (Manchester), Manager, Northern Ireland (Belfast), Promotions Coordinator (London)Culture Coordinator, Creative Europe Desk UK – England. Role: Provide project application advice and administrative support to the team working to promote Creative Europe’s Culture sub-programme in England. Location: British Council in Manchester. Deadline: 31 May 2017.

Manager, Creative Europe Desk UK – Northern Ireland
Role: Provide specialist support to Northern Ireland-based audiovisual, cultural and creative companies and organisations looking at applying to Creative Europe for funding to develop their European and international projects and networks. This post covers both the Culture and MEDIA sub-programmes.
Location: British Council in Belfast.
Deadline: 11 June 2017.

Promotions Coordinator, Creative Europe Desk UK – England
Role: Coordinate all aspects of Creative Europe Desk UK – England, and in particular manage various promotional activities for the MEDIA sub-programme.
Location: British Film Institute in London.
Deadline: 12 June 2017.

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