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Writing for theatre, unlocking your creativity

6 août 2014 Sites amis

Unlocking Your Creativity is pleased to announce another 8 week course looking at the basics of theatre writing. We’ll study The Loverby Harold Pinter as a group, and a theatre show will be recommended for viewing during the course (ticket price not included). Complete your own short play by the end of the course, or make inroads into work on a longer one, and share some of your work, new or existing, for feedback. Lire cet Article

The Managing Director of Live Nation Italia gives us an idea of how promoters work

19 juillet 2014 Sites amis

We often speak about production, booking, agencies, but we also discover that this part of our sector, which has an important role in the management and creation of an event or tour, often remains in the background. We had the chance to speak to Andrea Pieroni, Managing Director of Live Nation Italia, the Italian promoter, part of the American company Live Nation Entertainment, the biggest and most structured company in the world with regards to the organization of live events and e-commerce, and which is made up of four leading companies of the market:, Live Nation Concerts, Front Line Management Group and Live Nation Network. Lire cet Article

Messe Frankfurt expands

17 juillet 2014 Sites amis

Messe Frankfurt confirmed its commitment to expanding its presence in the Indian market today by announcing the acquisition of two of the country’s leading trade fair brands. Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India. Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India Pvt Ltd, the Indian operation and subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt, will acquire the rights to organise and manage the LED Expo and Media Expo fairs from Media Exposition & Events being promoted by MEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd. This takes the number of events organised by Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India to 14, and broadens its participation into the LED lighting and components market as well as the signage, retail and advertising solutions industry. Lire cet Article

Financement du secteur culturel de l’Union européenne

4 mars 2014 Sites amis présente the European Commission présente the European Commission

Publication d’une étude sur le financement du secteur créatif et culturel de l’Union européenne. Cette étude sur le financement des secteurs créatifs et culturels s’inscrit dans le cadre du nouveau programme « Europe Créative » présenté dans notre bulletin de janvier 2014. Parmi ses principaux objectifs, ce programme vise à faciliter le financement du secteur créatif et culturel de l’Union européenne. Lire cet Article

KRONOS music workstation

2 mars 2014 Sites amis
Workstation with

Workstation with

The KRONOS music workstation. Everyone who experiences its sound reacts with astonishment at how far electronic musical instruments have come followed, no doubt, by the thought “what can possibly follow this?!” But, in the year since its inception, KORG has continued to release system updates and additional KRONOS Sound Libraries, bringing the KRONOS to an even higher state of perfection. Lire cet Article

Support copyright and creators in Europe

27 février 2014 Sites amis

Please take five minutes to sign this petition concerning the attempts to weaken copyright law across Europe. We urge everyone to sign it and send it on to your artists, your colleagues, your friends and relatives,

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Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC)

25 février 2014 Sites amis

Calls for Grants (2014). The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) was established in 2007 by local cultural lobbyists as an independent initiative that funds individuals and organizations in the fields of cinema, performing arts, literature, music and visual arts while facilitating cultural exchange, research and cooperation across the Arab world and globally.

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