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Support copyright and creators in Europe

Please take five minutes to sign this petition concerning the attempts to weaken copyright law across Europe. We urge everyone to sign it and send it on to your artists, your colleagues, your friends and relatives,

anyone who has an interest in ensuring that music creators can continue to use copyright as an effective tool for the future.

Sign here

There are many companies – ISP’s, open rights groups, search engines and others who are behind the attempt to change copyright law to weaken the rights we currently enjoy.

Please do sign and send on to as many people as possible before 5th March.

CREATORS FOR EUROPE: « The future of culture, creators and cultural industries in Europe depends on the outcome of a consultation on copyright being conducted by the European Commission. We want them to sustain and develop the cultural industries, which depend on copyright to sustain millions of jobs and secure millions of livelihoods. »

A minute of your time could have a huge impact.

Thank you AIM

Music (AIM) is a non-profit-making trade organisation for independent music companies in the UK. AIM represents 25% of the UK market, with over 850 members from small start ups to the largest and most respected independents in the world.

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