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Creative Europe

9 septembre 2014 Sites amis
euclid @

euclid @

The next deadline for the Creative Europe: Culture programme is 1 October 2014. Euclid is offering a one-hour webinar (on 10 September) to help you understand and complete the application form – full details are in the following section. Lire cet Article

What is the impact of arts and cultural clustering on local productivity ?

25 août 2014 Sites amis


cultural-engineering @

cultural-engineering @

n recent years, academics and consultants have argued that the arts and cultural sector can boost productivity in other sectors of the local economy, through two main mechanisms. By creating urban environments that attract professionals with high levels of human capital and their innovative, high-growth employers. Lire cet Article

Writing for theatre, unlocking your creativity

6 août 2014 Sites amis

Unlocking Your Creativity is pleased to announce another 8 week course looking at the basics of theatre writing. We’ll study The Loverby Harold Pinter as a group, and a theatre show will be recommended for viewing during the course (ticket price not included). Complete your own short play by the end of the course, or make inroads into work on a longer one, and share some of your work, new or existing, for feedback. Lire cet Article

EU Interreg Programme: European Seminar in London: 30 April

20 février 2014 Sites amis

Interreg (European Territorial Co-operation) is an important EU funding opportunity for the arts, culture and creative industries – but a little difficult to understand – for example, there are 8 different strands which UK organisations can apply to – depending on where you are in the UK!  However, in the past 7 years, there have been a significant number of projects funded that have involved a range of UK partners from the arts and culture sectors. Lire cet Article

Europe créative. Soutenir le secteur culturel et créatif

16 février 2014 Sites amis

Le programme Europe créative est maintenant ouvert. Programme cadre pour les secteurs culturels et créatifs , il vise à renforcer la diversité culturelle européenne comme la compétitivité de ces secteurs dans un moment de fort changement lié à la mondialisation et au numérique. Lire cet Article

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