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20 Years of WOMEX

30 juillet 2014 Sites amis

The steps towards WOMEX were taken in October 1991 within the ‘Worldwide Music Days at the BID’ in Berlin, Germany as part of the Berlin Independence Days annual indie music convention. The first edition of WOMEX, boldly stand-alone after the closure of the BID, then took place in Berlin in 1994. Back then, the aim was to host an event that would bring together all the key players within world music and, collaboratively, provide a platform to map out a future for the industry, a principle that continues to inform and guide all WOMEX editions to this day. Lire cet Article

Babel Med Music 2014

8 mars 2014 Sites amis présente : babel med music 2014 présente : babel med music 2014

Du 20 au 22 mars, les Docks des Suds à Marseille vibreront, l’espace de trois jours et de trois nuits, aux rythmes des musiques venues des quatre coins du monde. La 10e édition du salon Babel Med Music prendra ainsi place dans la cité phocéenne, transformant celle-ci en capitale économique et culturelle des musiques planétaires. Lire cet Article

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