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Speed-dating event at Fira Mediterrània

16 septembre 2014 Sites amis


We are pleased to announce this year’s Fira Mediterrània Manresa speed-dating event. What does it involve? Speed dating comprises two-hourly sessions of 15-minute meetings between event booking agents and media professionals, representatives, or producers. The goal of speed dating is to facilitate contact between professionals registered at Fira, and to boost business opportunities. Lire cet Article

Fira Mediterrània de Manresa 2014

15 juillet 2014 Sites amis

Fira Mediterrània participates in a joint project with Foundation Royaumont, and other festivals including those in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence. In Spain, Fira launches a partnership with TROVAM – the only spanish music fair in Valencia. Txarango will enter the Portuguese market for the first time through Fira Mediterrània. To give both our music and artists new horizons – this is the overriding objective of the Fira Mediterrània Manresa Action Plan 2014. Lire cet Article

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