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Zinc Shower

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Zinc Shower is a movement generated by and for the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs), driven by the most innovative companies and projects in the sector. A shower of stimulating, fresh and transforming ideas. In order to propel this movement we launch an open call to select 100 projects from the most innovative entrepreneurs of the Creative & Cultural Industries (our Showers) through a jury.And we have created the Zinc Shower Meeting-Show, a unique and transforming event which counts on the participation of entrepreneurs, professionals, students, investors, institutions, companies and the media to support innovation, collaboration, training, financing and entrepreneurship in the CCI sector.

At the first Zinc Shower (April 2013), we were able to fit 5,000 attendees under our shower, as well as the 321 speakers (our Zinkers), 100 entrepreneurs, (our Showers), 80 investors and 108 members of the media, who helped us reach an audience of 37 million people. We learnt, we inspired and most of all, we had fun. On the 23rd, 24th and 25th May, 2014, we will be repeating, at the Matadero (Madrid). Will you miss it?

If you join Zinc Shower, you will find:

New ideas, new projects and new dynamics. New ways of doing and thinking.
among those that can finance, collaborate or inspire your new ideas.
A festive atmosphere, our show, where we celebrate the creativity of the CCIs.

During times of change, such as the present, we believe it is important to be critical, but also proactive and propositive. Economic, social and cultural transformation will take place regardless, and the Creative and Cultural Industries have a great deal to contribute.