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Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity


The annual international multidisciplinary conference researching the Bridge between Tradition and Contemporaneity in performing arts. Performing arts in the era of constantly evolving technology – traditional forms of performing arts constantly reconsidered and reshaped by contemporary practitioners.
Performing arts traditions influencing, enhancing and co-mingling in contemporary performing arts processes and inspiring our artistic expression – what means « traditional » and « contemporary » for performers, artists and audience today?

Astonishing phenomena of arts appearing on the intersection of cultures, when the borders of countries become conditional – getting inspired by the unique connection and stepping beyond usual practices.Traditions as the impulse to search for the universal “intercultural” language in contemporary performance and artistic expression. Traditions as the inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary generation of artists and firm foundation for intercultural dialogue.


The conference meeting is highly recommended to performing arts practitioners and researchers from different countries interested in the traditional methods as applied to contemporary performing arts work, searching for international network opportunities and new collaboration partnersperforming arts academics, arts educators and teachers, performers of various genres and techniques, theatre directors, dancers and choreographers, arts administrators and producers, musicians, stage designers costume designers, mask makers, multimedia artists, scriptwriters, playwrights, theatre critics and arts journalists.

The conference offers the unique opportunity:

  • to exchange experience and share ideas in contemporary performing arts education and training, rehearsal process and performance practice;
  • to become familiar with diverse methods and techniques in contemporary performing arts inspired and formed in the connection with the world traditional heritage;
  • to meet colleagues from all over the world, establish new contacts and lay the foundation for future networking and collaboration in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment.
The conference creates the unique encounter of different arts in multicultural and multilingual artistic environment and offers a great platform for performers, performing arts educators and teachers to find new collaboration partners from all continents!
The conference working language is English.
Practical workshops, performances, presentations, interactive lectures, exhibitions, discussions and more!
Download printable PDF version here
Exhibition of the genuine Venetian Masks created by the masters of Bluemoon Venice workshop (Venice, Italy)
who specialize in the production of Venice’s famous paper-mâché masks. Read more…
Interactive workshop for actors, directors, and theatre educators by Professor Eric Domuret (USA)
Actor, Director and Teacher, 
Professor of Drama at University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Read more…
Research presentation, lecture and discussion by Professor Ritirong Jiwakanon (Thailand)
Theatre Designer, Teacher, Professor at the Department of Dramatic Arts,
Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Read more…
Interactive workshop investigating non-verbal storytelling by Professor Laura Wayth (USA) – 
Assistant Professor of Acting and Coordinator of Actor Training at San Francisco State University (USA). Read more…
Australian artist (songwriter, singer, playwright), Roz Pappalardo, presents a performance fragment of her self-penned, one-woman play.
« Rosa » is a new Australian love story, written and performed by Roz Pappalardo, which traces a family’s history from Sicily (Italy) to Mena Creek, Far North Queensland (Australia). This is a joyous tale told through story and original songs, which examines the ties that bind while investigating the power of maternal ancestry, from grandmother to granddaughter. Read more…
Brandon R. McWilliams
Workshop, lecture, storytelling & discussion on the common threads and traditions of renewal for performing arts educators, artists, people of all ages who have interest in the creative process by Professor Brandon R. McWilliams (USA)
Designer, Assistant Professor of Costume Design at Louisiana State University. Read more…
James C. Oliverio
Presentation and discussion by Professor James Oliverio (USA)
Composer, Director, Educator, Performing Arts Administrator, Producer, Professor of Music, Professor of Digital Arts & Sciences, Executive Director of the Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida. Read more…
Luca Fabbricotti

Did You Know that in Ushuaia the World is Upside Down (…and Viceversa)?
Interactive workshop and discussion for arts managers, administrators, artists and everyone interested and involved in multicultural and international arts organization, exchange and collaboration by Luca Fabbricotti (Italy) –
manager and consultant expert in international and intercultural projects. Read more…

Practical workshop by Ken Skrzesz (USA) – Actor, Choreographer, Director, Educator,
Performing and Visual Arts Magnet Teacher Specialist and Theatre Teacher. Read more…
Mira Kruja
Lecture-demonstration on one of the most “theatrical” musical compositions ever written for piano by Prof. Dr. Mira Kruja (USA)
international award-winning Scholar, Performer, Music Researcher, 
Director of Piano and Pedagogy Studies, Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts Department, College of Education, Humanities, and Behavioral Sciences, Alabama A&M University. Read more…
Bari Hochwald and Rita Shackel
Interactive conversation and shared dialogue exploring the process and necessity of building partnerships between theatre artists and individuals and organizations in the non-arts related fields who are addressing global and local issues of social import. 
Speakers: Bari Hochwald (USA-Italy) – Founding Artistic Director of The Global Theatre Project located in Los Angeles, California & Florence, Italy. Professor Rita Shackel (Australia) – legal advocate and Associate Professor of law at Sydney Law School. Read more…
Elizabeth Palmer
Interactive talk, lecture and discussion by Pofessor Elizabeth S. Palmer (USA)
Educator, Composer, Performer and Clinician, Thornton School of Music, University o
f Southern California, Los Angeles. Read more…
Presentation and masterclass by Deanna Paolantonio (Canada)
Master in Dance Studies, Dancer, Teacher, Educator, Fitness Instructor. Read more…
William Mackwood Gwenyth Dobie
Random, fleeting moments, animator-machine-animator, briefly connect, and move
Performance, presentation of the research integrating digital interactivity with live performance, explanation of process, and opportunity to interact with the technical interface, and with others through the interface. Professors William J Mackwood and Gwenyth Dobie (Canada),
Project Animators, York University, School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Read more…
Evgeni Somarov

Exhibition and presentation by Sara Csonka (Hungary) – artistic name Evgeni Somarov – Animator and Comics Artist, Illustrator, the winner of IUGTE International Competition for Comics Artists, Cartoonists and Graphic Novelists. The presentation takes place in the framework of IUGTE support programme for young talents and emerging artists. Read more…
Marié-Heleen Coetzee
Interactive lecture with PowerPoint visual presentation on Laban Movement Studies (LMS) as a potentially cross-culturally viable approach to the theatrical interpretation/reinterpretation of fighting arts, in specific Zulu stick fighting by Prof. Dr. Marié-Heleen Coetzee (South Africa),
the Head of the Department of Drama at the University of Pretoria. Read more…
Parpignol Theatre

S – Messing with Stravinki”
Performance presentation by Parpignol Theatre (Francesco Marchesi, Valentina Paradiso, Paolo Giannelli – Italy), inspired by Stravinski music, traditional Russian fairytales and the Italian mask tradition – a melting pot of music, classic theatre and dance evolving into a sensory theatre experience. Read more…

Please follow the news! The programme is being regularly updated.
The Conference provides: transfer on arrival day from Carrara Avenza train station to hotel, 
coffee/tea breaks, Carrara city cultural marble tour and the final conference buffet.
(for those who wish to participate in practical workshops and events)   
To apply for participation, please send a cover letter briefly describing professional activity to [email protected]
The participation fee is 450 EUR (early bird reduced fee)

(550 EUR – if payment is made after the early bird deadline)

The fee covers participation in all events of the programme. 
Group Registration Discounts.
We offer a discounted conference registration rate for groups of three or more people – 350 EUR per person.
The fee covers participation in all events of the programme. 
Student Registration Discounts (with student identity document presented) 
There is a discounted conference registration rate for students – 250 EUR per person.
For student groups of three or more people there is a special discounted registration rate – 180 EUR per person.
The fee covers participation in all events of the programme. 
(for those who wish to attend and observe the workshops without participating)     
To register for the Conference programme as an Observer, please send a cover letter briefly describing professional activity to [email protected]
There are three payment options for Observers:
1) Observation of the whole conference programme. The fee – 250 EUR.
2) Two-day programme attendance. The fee – 180 EUR.
3) One-day programme attendance. The fee – 95 EUR.

Bring and share your creative materials with colleagues!
We encourage all participants to bring their promo materials to share with colleagues during the conference – booklets, cards, DVDs, book samples, publications or any other format. You may bring materials with you or send them to us in advance by post
(please contact us for the postal address).
The official arrival day is Thursday, December 18th.
The conference opening meeting begins at 17:00.
The departure day is Monday, December 22nd.
The nearest international airports are located in Pisa, Genova and Florence.
The conference will take place in the beautiful Carrara city.
IUGTE Staff will be glad to help you in planning your travel itinerary, information on accommodation options and practical details!