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IFACCA launches Strategic Plan 2015-2020

As it enters its 15th year of operation in the field of arts and cultural policy, IFACCA is delighted to launch its Strategic Plan 2015–2020. Dedicated to improving best practice in arts and cultural policy development, the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the global network of national arts councils, culture ministries and arts agencies.

Established in 2001, IFACCA has a diverse membership that today spans every continent and numbers over 80 countries. IFACA has also developed numerous partnerships with members, international institutions and networks, foundations, corporations and individuals to deliver its services, activities and research.

A look at IFACCA’s activities in recent years shows that the network continues to achieve important milestones. In addition to growing its membership, IFACCA has expanded its reach by strengthening regional chapters in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Pacific and the Americas. It has also fostered greater international participation in arts and cultural policy dialogue, while recognising the need to be more engaged in broader debates, such as the culture and sustainable development discourse.

With over 20,000 resources now available on the IFACCA website, arts policymakers have instant access to an increasingly rich range of in-depth research and relevant information. As further evidence of its strengthened research capacity and expanding readership, IFACCA has published D’Art reports on more than 40 arts policy issues, and its fortnightly e-bulletin ACORNS reaches over 7,500 readers in 190 countries.

The World Summits on Arts and Culture remain one of the most important and recognisable of IFACCA’s programmes. IFACCA has delivered three Summits in the Northern Hemisphere and three in the Southern Hemisphere, including the first in Spanish. These events have attracted combined attendances of over 2,500 leaders in arts and cultural policymaking from all continents, and provide a unique international platform for engagement and debate. Building on that success, IFACCA, in collaboration with its members, will stage two more World Summits over the coming five years. CEO engagement continues to be a cornerstone of IFACCA’s work through the delivery of its successful CEO leadership seminars and other initiatives.
Perhaps most importantly, however, it is through IFACCA’s unique global network that its members have been able to deliver outcomes that, in their words, they could not have achieved without the support of their international peers.
IFACCA is embarking on a new phase as a mature and trusted service organisation – one that is internationally regarded by members and partners for its excellent work. With that trust comes increased expectations to not only deliver the highest quality services to members, but to also act as a global voice for the arts and culture.
With this in mind, we believe it is appropriate to move to a five-year strategic planning cycle that will enable IFACCA to remain focused and strengthen its offering to its members. This Strategic Plan 2015–2020 is key to advancing our vision and creating IFACCA’s pathway to its 20th anniversary in 2020.

We would like to acknowledge the many IFACCA members and staff that contributed to the development of this Strategic Plan, particularly the former Chair of IFACCA (and CEO of Arts Council England), Alan Davey, for overseeing the previous plan and the development stages of this one. This Plan has been shaped by a wide range of analyses, surveys and discussions that were conducted over the past 18 months, and is directly informed by members’ feedback. It will be regularly monitored and the outcomes reported to members and stakeholders.

We thank you for your ongoing support for culture :

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