Kick off meeting of the Working Group “The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective”. On the occasion of the Annual Summit of the Strategic Studies Network (Bangkok, 23-25 February 2014), several EuroMeSCo researchers participated in the kick off meeting of the Working Group “The Arab Spring in Comparative Perspective” This group, lead by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), will involve over 20 EuroMeSCo researchers who will work throughout the year with the aim of publishing a joint volume on comparative perspectives of the transitions in the Arab world.

The Working Group is structured around two main blocks: “Internal changes in transition processes: What priorities?” and “External actors and regional integration”. It consists of a total of 6 working packages, each of them lead by two EuroMeSCo researchers. The topics to be explored are: state building processes and reforms, security sector reform, the role of religion in transitional processes, socio-economic reforms, the role of the European Union in supporting democratic transitions in the Southern Mediterranean and regional integration.

More information on this initiative is available here.

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