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Call for application : International theatre festival ODYSSEE EUROPA


Stadttheater Bremerhaven calling for professional theatre performances from Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Turkey for the festival ODYSSEE EUROPA, taking place June 7th to 11th 2017. The festival’s topic: « All people become brothers“ is not only a line that Friedrich Schiller once wrote. Ludwig van Beethoven set it to music and eventually it was made the official European hymn in 1985. What has this idea come to when we take a look at Europe today? Nationalistic drifts are changing political landscapes all over Europe. The European Union seems to become increasingly fragile. At the same time Europe is and has always been a dynamic body, constantly in motion by people who move from one place to another in search of work, studies, love or a place to settle with their family.

The festival ODYSSEE EUROPA enquires what we will abandon if we only focus on our own radius. In which ways do artists from different European countries reflect the challenges that the continent has to deal with? Therefore we would like to invite international productions to Bremerhaven that deal with an up to date outline of what Europe could be.

What are we dreaming of, when we think of a peaceful continent that respects human dignity? Trying to avoid to stage a festival of aloof debate, but to explore a practical idea of Europe within the artistic programme, we are looking for performances that contribute to this approach from their specific, individual and artistic point of view.

Information due to application: The festival will take place from June 7th to 11th 2017 at Stadttheater Bremerhaven, Germany.

The international productions will be shown in the „Kleines Haus“, the theatre’s small stage with a 120 seats. Requirements: To apply for participation in the festival, productions must fulfill the following criteria.

• The production covers the genre drama, dance or any other performance art.

• The production is available in the mentioned time slot of the festival. • The production or the producing artists come from one of the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Turkey.

• The production is linked to the festival‘s topic of Europe. It may for example question themes such as identity or homeland, celebrate European interconnection or reflect Europe’s situation in a skeptical way.

• The production is compatible with the measure of the stage of (a square of 6 times 6 meters and a height of 3 meters). Further technical details on request. • The production offers English or German supertitles or from an artistic point of view may be shown with supertitles. Applications must be sent in until January 31st 2017 to:

Stadttheater Bremerhaven Dramaturgie Schauspiel Festival „Odyssee Europa“ Am Alten Hafen 25 27568 Bremerhaven Germany or to the email address: [email protected]

Please send a description of the content and the production’s connection to the topic of Europe (maximum two pages Din A4) and a DVD or a hyperlink to a recording of the production to the e-mail address mentioned above. Please include a translation or supertitles if available. We are looking forward to receiving your application! Anna Gerhards & Peter Hilton Fliegel